# Speciality

# Profile

Kenji Ishimaru – [Ishimaru Information Engineering Office]

About 25 years, I work in the embedded system design field. I provide responsive, cost effective engineering services and solutions for embedded system development from system architecture to small module design.

# Membership

  • The Institution of Professional Engineers, Japan
  • Web Analytics Consultants Asssociation
  • Information Processing Society of Japan
  • Web Analytics Consultants Association

# Work Experience

-Embedded Computer System Development

  • Developed 2D/3D graphics computer systems for Arcade Game.

  • Verified and debugged Engineering Sample ICs (ES) on computer boards by using Logic Analyzer.

  • RTL Design

    • Developed low-power, complex math operation RTL modules for ASIC by SystemVerilog.
    • Planned 3D graphics IP Core system architecture to satisfy required features, gate size and production schedule.
    • Invented the lighting algorism for real-time 3D graphics to generate photo realistic scene image.
    • Invented image compression algorithm suitable for real-time image decoding.
  • Functional Verification/Hardware Emulator

    • Built SystemVerilog verification environment with random data generation, assertion, and functional coverage.
    • Improved ASIC verification time by porting the designs from RTL simulation environment to a hardware emulation system environment.
    • Evaluated the performance of the hardware emulation system to be introduced when multiple designs shared emulator resources simultaneously.
    • Planned ASIC functional evaluation strategy and implemented on RTL simulation environment.
    • Planned and built functional verification environment for RTL designs by using black-box, white-box and gray-box testing methods, implemented by hardware verification language (e language).
    • Verified standard interfaces (PCI, USB and AMBA AHB) with e verification language.
    • Instructed e verification language methodology to HDL designers of customer companies.
    • Built the Japanese FAQ web site of e verification language for Japanese HDL designers.


  • Built processor systems with the designs under test on FPGA based-prototyping systems for robust RTL verification, early software development and IP Core demonstration.
  • Improved middleware development time by building FPGA based-prototyping system before actual ASIC production.

# Standards

Ethernet I2C SPI

# Open Source Project

# USB Host C Library

Open Source C library for FPGA based USB host. The C library provides APIs to control USB HID(Human Interface Device) class device and Mass Storage class device.

UsbHLib(opens new window)

# 3D Graphics IP Core

Wire-Frame 3D Graphics IP Core for small size FPGA.

WF3D:https://opencores.org/project,wf3d (opens new window)

3D Graphics Rendering System.

Polyphony:https://github.com/Kenji-Ishimaru/polyphony (opens new window)

# Technical Magazine

# FPGA Magazine (CQ Publishing Co.,Ltd.)

# No.14

DVI implementation for ZedBoard and DE0-nano-SoC

http://www.kumikomi.net/fpga/sample/0014/FPGA14_128.pdf(opens new window)

# No.13

AXI Performance Comparison, Cyclone V SoC and Zynq

http://www.kumikomi.net/fpga/sample/0013/FPGA13_094.pdf(opens new window)

USB Communication Target Device

http://www.kumikomi.net/fpga/sample/0013/FPGA13_124.pdf(opens new window)

# No.12

USB Communication Target Device http://www.kumikomi.net/fpga/sample/0012/FPGA12_092.pdf(opens new window)

# No.8

USB Communication Device Class

http://www.kumikomi.net/fpga/sample/0008/FPGA08_118.pdf(opens new window)

# No.6

Project Porting from DE0 to DE0-nano

http://www.kumikomi.net/fpga/sample/0006/FPGA06_138.pdf(opens new window)

# No.4

USB storage device with FAT file system

# No.2

USB Full-Speed Host System – Hardware Part –

http://www.kumikomi.net/fpga/sample/0002/FPGA02_046_04syo.pdf(opens new window)

# Interface (CQ Publishing Co.,Ltd.)

# May, 2014

Open source Ethernet IP Core and Open source TCP/IP protocol stack

http://www.kumikomi.net/interface/sample/201405/if05_160.pdf(opens new window)

# December, 2013

USB Full-Speed Host System – How to use USB host library –

http://www.kumikomi.net/interface/sample/201312/if12_175.pdf(opens new window)

# November, 2013

USB Full-Speed Host System – Programming, initialization and main loop –

http://www.kumikomi.net/interface/sample/201311/if11_170.pdf(opens new window)

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